MSP DAY 2020

June 19

Break patterns and traditions, follow the path of the new business future.
Get in touch with solutions that will allow you to offer new managed IT services to retain customers, convert leads into customers and generate recurring revenues.

MSP Day is a landmark in Italy for IT Managed Service Providers.

A whole day dedicated to those people, whose job is to take care of the IT infrastructure of Italian companies and assure that it works smoothly. Plenary sessions, simultaneous sessions, technical workshops and meetings with your peers are waiting for you on June 19th.


Who should attend?

MSP Day is the Italian event for Managed Service Providers or for those who are thinking about switching their business model from re-sale to MSP.

By IT managed services an MSP obtains good recurring margins, reliable networks and customers aware of what they will obtain and how much will it cost.

Clear benefits for everyone, thanks to a standard-becoming model, that is cutting out of the market those who will not be able to understand and interpret it.


Why attend

Attending MSP Day will allow you to:

  • understand more of the IT managed services’ business model;
  • attend hands-on labs of solutions to enter the world of services;
  • grow your business, if you already are an MSP;
  • attend valuable speeches and meet with other attendees and exhibitors;
  • take part in demos and technical workshops on products and solutions.

Read the opinions of those who participated

  • “MSP Day is awesome. It is useful both for those who are already MSPs and for those approaching this world for the first time”

    Andrea Monguzzi, Flexxa S.r.l.

  • “It was really interesting finding complementary solutions to the ones proposed by Achab”

    Michele Calamante, Alto Garda Informatica

  • “I thought it was really useful to share opinions with other attendees and to have the chance to get in touch directly with vendors”

    Giovanni Pugliese, Logica System

  • “Very interesting for me, newly approached to the MSP world. Very useful ideas and products: Achab did an amazing job!””

    Luca Palmieri,  LucLock

  • “Great event, it should be repeated! MSP Day gave us useful ideas to improve our work”

    Luca Rovaris, Sistem Point

  • “Very well organized event, I am really impressed. If you did not attend, you can not understand”

    Roberto Tasso, No-Au

  • “MSP Day gives a different view of the customers’ IT systems: it is not only about fixing PC problems, but about managing the systems”

    Claudio Vettori

  • “We want to have more free time and less truck rolls. MSP Day gave us some ideas to start”

    Danilo Pietrovito, ICO Computer Market


    MSP Day’s location is:

    Via Virgilio, 17
    47838 Riccione (RN)
    Location’s website – Map

    For further logistic information visit this page.

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